A busy kitchen

A busy kitchen
is the daily operation
whether making money or just something to eat
constantly tweaking ingredients
techniques of experience
scarred hands
worked at bars and food stands
movie theaters, grocery stores, and cleaners
the best test of a chef rests on a mental timer

fresh picked snap peas and carrots
no finer diner than where home is
Desirous high spirits embarrassed us
to bury our seeds with trust

The seasons will change
but a busy kitchen stays the same
use no preservatives in any packages
since the blame on supermarkets
the new name we claim is farmers markets
You too, can bring your own products

Chronic blues of not having any outlet
is no longer a stronger kind of argument
Spark up a conversation and find the fortunate
for a tummy full quick
or a long lounging sit
A busy kitchen
can do justice where no other exists
what is needed to persist
the fuel that gives a lift

To be dished is so regular
forgetful nature leaves out thankfulness’s creator
but a busy kitchen must cater

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