Degree in Hip Hop

I got my degree in Hip Hop
in opens mics
Store front lots
parking garage heights
of top flight jogs
through the body’s terrain
the mind mappings
framed on the wall of a calling

studying tags
where no one’s bragging
taken down with grey painting
studying readings by listening
this fake drug taking
fake woman hating
fake money making
to a dream of lyrical changing

Arranging spirituals in the poetry
your destiny is connected to me
Blessed be he who most humbly
having only rice and tea
is our responsibility.

This powerful expression we call Hip Hop
is a philosophy
to communicate pain’s remedy

To the degree that pay’s me greatly,
with instrumental
motion to rhythm
of a potential ocean
in a measure of how well written
is the well that hip hop is sitting in.

-if you are following this flow of water
it is the choice of yours whether or not to go farther

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