debut by Jermey Scahill
a book and a movie
in the deaths of casualties
light the trees
screaming on knees

Usually reporters are owned by companies
Thank goodness for the order
brought by Jermey Scahill’s expertise
ordering online
supporting enlightened minds

War will end when we finally bring out signs
find mine on
Palace of Rhymes
daily with a new poem
if it rains it might be a problem

Obama’s nation is an abomination
Bombing nations, now regularly
Stomp up and down
before reading the NY times
future predictor generations
ahead for a climb

Expose troves of malicious subjects
with more woes than Karl Rove being the architect
To the internet
with billions more to connect
checking legitimacy’s respect
Diligently dedicate passion
to more than just check cashing

Read this history’s rendition of fascism

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