Conscious Streaming

Satisfaction left a deaf ear to pain
Match a rhythm to light a fire
The sustain from distorted guitar wires
is a channel irreversible
handling bars
where verses are full
while pairing styles stitched with wool
Empire deniers
become consumer fools
Trained as martyr fighters
organizing collective pools
of distributed capabilities
attributed to better grace
humanity with letters of good taste
cannot be commercialized
futility does not waste it’s lack of prize
willing to still try
filling a skillet to fry
billing the punch card till he dies
expert grill cleaner of any size
bag lunch with cigarettes and chai
Spokes of a bike wheel spoke
of flight dreams
above white clouds of smoke
high as the oldest oaks’
story of taking a token
to enter a streaming river’s organ
opening grounds with roots beneath
whimpering wind navigated to the beach
readying supplies for blistering heat
books so cheap to make one weap
turning the pages of grief and sadness
into stage presence without absence
info goes through membranes
passion landed into the pockets of the self restrained
flow as loud as passing trains
grow wild flower
O child
it is
the hour

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