The Book Awards: Part 1 for Stephen Kinzer

In the tradition of recognizing contributions of significance
To those who make sure that evidence is in the literature
an award needs to presented to Stephen Kinzer
A passionate writer
who blurs the distinction between historian
and political science adviser

His latest book featured
is Reset: Iran, Turkey, and America’s Future

kinzer reset

A lesson for teachers and students
prudent of analyzing international structure

with super power recommendations
tutoring the most dominant hegemonic nation
under diplomatic negotiations.

Overthrow kinzer

will test your patience
Part 1 done in the imperial era
In the 2nd, the emperor uses convert action
and finally in part 3 invasion
exerting errors in occupation

Throw over old exigencies
Experts have written documentation
These writings are warnings to civilization
As we fight in protests and demonstrations
a copy of this was brought to assist discussion

kinzer shah's men

All the Shah’s Men
is a gift, researched by a shaman,
especially when given to any Iranian/Persian

Awaiting the newest publication
on John Foster Dulles and his brother
My classmate graduated from a high school
named after his honor

In this book award poem
is a solemn celebration
of a most revered author’s contribution
whose words heard are to no substitution.

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