This happens to my friends

This happens to my friends
very often
Walking to the river
whenever in need of being inspired
I use two wheels, some of my friends prefer one tire

It happens, the need to flow in the water,
below the rapids is calmer,
the serenity from spring tidings; yearlong.
It’s cooler lounging on the lawn

Missing appointments with the river,
until a beautiful reminder,
from a poem in a binder
Mother nature is an author
listen to her and learn the chapters

These memories of a sacred place,
have deep roots,
Dig them up to face the pace of traveling boots.

Along the babbling brooks
where the youth take breaks from books,
the ecosystem give permission
to slip in like submission

San Marcos River D
Good looking, we clean your clothes
by picking up trash
attending meetings with questions asked

at long last
we hold fast
to the power
of the river,

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