The connection

Leaving home early in the morning without breakfast is not recommended.

Like a tidal wave he commended for a crash,
to wake up those stuck in the cave ruled by cash.

The connection of the future, present, and past
What we communicate when when don’t ask,
A piece of the bigger puzzle
met the savior neighbors in the same trouble
collectively selecting to remove the muzzle.

Distributing first aid among all this rubble,
with a thirst of overcoming the worst as the prime motivation.
Time connections to the placement of interactions
He found that binding pages in a book created factions,
bound to the kitchen as a mic to a stage of listeners.

What you prefer has an audience to confer,
Referring to the super highway’s potential capability,
to not be content of silly trivialities.

Tomorrow is free copies,
Reading loudly the words of political dignity,

Be Infinitely Just and Natural
the vicinity of our reach is a capsule
as the world is unraveled,
Find the entire place home and embrace your thrown.

The connection is more than a phone,
Its the transmitting energy
living free and well individually in identity grown,

Let’s tap into that agency quickly so understandings are known.

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