Tax Day yesterday

The funding of the US war machine, needs to come clean

Killing expertise,
filling graves with dead families

When we protest war
see what more the military can afford

Watch me, watching you
writing book reviews on the abuse of we do, globally

Tax day, is supply for the defense industry,
Falsely labeled with a name that barely claims its capabilities.

The Department of attack invaded Iraq (e-rock) not Iraq (i-rack),
Where a civil war is about to crack.
The poppy for heroine is in Afghanistan.

Back to payments and funds in how this gets done.
Taken out Federal income tax and on a credit card.

4-6 trillion for wars is a number that scars with inflation.
The Need less speak, reparations are not part of this history.

On tax day, write a eulogy for atrocity’s and painful cruelty.
The money spent on weapons and security daily
is ignominy to the nth degree.

Pax Americana was not peace considering,
since the Monroe Doctrine,
even before ask the Cherokee outside a door-less reservation.

I’m not waiting for the next invasion,
Planning/organizing an anarchist bookstore
for mental emancipation.

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