rhymes for the soldiers

I want all the troops to come home to their families


If they don’t have any, come to our community.

This is the beauty, real politics to fix a country.

Dealing with terms of equality in equity,

Is inefficient, so we congregate and listen.

Next to the gate, when you participate its admission.

The addiction to gasoline is unclean like coal,

Your soul and what your children will hold,

The future told, will not be sold for a price!

While I mold freestyles of poetry this nice,

Socially organizing gardens, food banks,

Voting booths to legalize denke,

Ending corporate well-fare for banks,

Lifting the embargo on Cuba,

Closing Guantanamo bay down forever.

Become unwritten, by falling in love with the rhythm,

Motion hidden in inner systems,

Perceptions of collections, in symbolic projections.

Fueled by molecular connections,

Government process payments,

Printing sessions, guessing an alignment needs a fix.

Heed these preventive wars now preemptive,

voice is the present, body is the rapping,

Your presence is Christmas Morning,

My choice from 19-to 24 has been rhyming…


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