The Austin International Poetry Festival is in three days!

Breaking news!

The festival is coming soon,
Old friends and new,
In a season of full bloom.

Poetry books are being edited in to a volume.

Lynn and Element 512 are readying the venues,
Tom the World poet is preparing word menus.

Disregard guarding revenue,
when avenues continuously are adjusting values.

The terms of usage are at the valves of penmanship’s ability to argue.

Who knew the blue sky was the brother to the sea?
Not through eye, its grandiosity would be most high,
for any justice of us not to comply;
with ensuring its care as our true ally.

Lift sweetness like a bee fly,
taste bitterness so a comparison will apply.

My goodness, time fly’s writing rhymes,
The workshops are at an old community college,
Where the feeling started.

Find the mind to share more than buying what is packaged,
and the repercussions will express more with what little we salvage.

See you in the next passage.



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