What gives me hope?

having more range than scope.

Changing how we are trained to hope and
Exchange coping methods of the globe.

Go grow what you know needs to be shown.
Honing in on the purpose, might make some nervous.
Certainly this journey is not a lone service.

Writing everyday to a favorite prophet,
Reading about specific historical conflict.

Truth does not sit at the bottom for long,
it rises to the top, strong enough to make you clean up
after it does not stop overflowing out of the cup.

Even if potential is spilling, instead of half-full or half empty,
The question is how was it manufactured in abundance of plenty.

Such a blessing, that free will still gives us skills of discerning,
Tell me the lessons that you are learning.

You give me more hope than I have been earning.
The short rope between us is lengthening
as trust is thrust into an awakening.

You give me hope for the future’s happenings…

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