Happy International Poetry Month!

This month’s agenda-

Infiltrate book stores  and libraries
specifically placing poetry in pages
of your favorites, and where it fits.

Reciprocity in lyrics at high velocity,
near neighbors to the spirits of authenticity.

Be Infinitely Just And Natural hits the big city,
with ready copies  in discussions of philosophy.

Steady breathing the reason,
that economics directs the political season.
Leaving the heathen who thought nothing of his kin,
follow those who lead and taught correct curriculum.

Listen to wind start the fire.
Art thou in here? Hearing’s required,
or are you reading this in a flyer (or online on the wire)

Time in the kitchen is a choir,
deep rhyme cooking with a fryer,
as the plants get rain and a shower.

Poetry month is prime hour,
play God with liberation of your power.
Spring will not always bring us  flowers
if the summer keeps getting hotter.

Come and enjoy the festival of authors,
poet, musicians, and helpful friends.
These cats at AIPF.org really are the best,
Thank you Austin.

Happy International Poetry Month as it just begins…

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