lately, best rapper/mc
with genius integrity
is Lowkey.

Ever since Immortalized Technique
first versed revolutionary worth,

the industry has been changing turf.
Hip Hop’s  fashionable purse with

Party time rhymes and the church gets cursed.
The people living on dirt want what hurts,
the truth!
The radio and Tv don’t reimburse youth,
but have a waring propaganda machine sweet tooth.

I don’t hear lyrics at rap shows,
so i stick to poetry open mics for those.

Good to hear and see you here,
my dear sincerely, the note you wrote and composed
arose many from their woes,

Low key in anonymity,
but blowing up bigger than defense contractor salaries,

Dutifully, criticizing president Obama’s policy
as an abomination to integrity.

We need more emcees like these overseas,
but especially in our communities.

The justice in cypher’s continue infinitely…


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