Niche writing

Write for your niche
strike a light or flip the switch
fight the urge to call her a bitch
purging the stereotyping
after we coexist
share the road with cyclists
barely known is the price
of our life and environment

Energy in sounds waves
generated by the body
Is a specialist of a  godly hobby
teaching/talking to young kids in the lobby
connected more commonalities
than the internet with all its capabilities
In retrospect all communication
conveys information readily, (even non-verbally)

Well these emcees that sell raps for big companies
are trapped in vulgarity and violent imagery
It’s quite silly, but their rhymes are played at bars nightly
Scared of a bugisman pirating
my peers are idolizing and following
the wrong ideology
of self economic hegemony
Self help books have been our best sellers in publishing
These rhymes are proof of social truth’s uncovering

This summer, activists hits the masses in mass numbers
Because of the war we never slumber,
Ask Guantanamo Bay who today is in extreme hunger,
no attention to the innocent slaughtered
of Iraqi son’s and daughters
2,500$ for collateral damage done to a house or a spouse
Israel advances further south into Palestine’s mouth.
I might doubt compliance, if taxes were not taken out of my allowance

A good man stands against the acts of the unrighteous claiming pious
Niche writing with a specific bias against political tyrants
that silence our tongues as we defiantly have our signs quietly hung.
The time has come
-Your truly, Palace of

A busy kitchen

A busy kitchen
is the daily operation
whether making money or just something to eat
constantly tweaking ingredients
techniques of experience
scarred hands
worked at bars and food stands
movie theaters, grocery stores, and cleaners
the best test of a chef rests on a mental timer

fresh picked snap peas and carrots
no finer diner than where home is
Desirous high spirits embarrassed us
to bury our seeds with trust

The seasons will change
but a busy kitchen stays the same
use no preservatives in any packages
since the blame on supermarkets
the new name we claim is farmers markets
You too, can bring your own products

Chronic blues of not having any outlet
is no longer a stronger kind of argument
Spark up a conversation and find the fortunate
for a tummy full quick
or a long lounging sit
A busy kitchen
can do justice where no other exists
what is needed to persist
the fuel that gives a lift

To be dished is so regular
forgetful nature leaves out thankfulness’s creator
but a busy kitchen must cater

Degree in Hip Hop

I got my degree in Hip Hop
in opens mics
Store front lots
parking garage heights
of top flight jogs
through the body’s terrain
the mind mappings
framed on the wall of a calling

studying tags
where no one’s bragging
taken down with grey painting
studying readings by listening
this fake drug taking
fake woman hating
fake money making
to a dream of lyrical changing

Arranging spirituals in the poetry
your destiny is connected to me
Blessed be he who most humbly
having only rice and tea
is our responsibility.

This powerful expression we call Hip Hop
is a philosophy
to communicate pain’s remedy

To the degree that pay’s me greatly,
with instrumental
motion to rhythm
of a potential ocean
in a measure of how well written
is the well that hip hop is sitting in.

-if you are following this flow of water
it is the choice of yours whether or not to go farther

no longer a pen

his best friend is no longer a pen
when tests are over
and truth sobers
who stays with you is closer

his best friend became a computer
typing beliefs into order
griefs and joys into brief ploys authored
on leaf spiraled pages
sealed in a coffer for the ages

his best friend once again, is a person
the globe, whats known
due to the frontal globe that’s grown

Taking turns making dinner
washing dishes afterwards
making us all complainers
he was a soldier & now a proud painter
A follower of his teachings
used gospels in this very writing

Apostle of Agape loving
Living with an actual reincarnate
makes my soul overweight
the pen gets old so type away
night to day
east to west
street smarts to book intelligence
computers connects communities communication

his best friend is
no longer a pen

Anarchist Bookstore

Occupied Books storefront
Dissident literature to make sure
dedicated readers and listeners are at the forefront

Government works best
when listening to the people’s stress
lets make another test
to arrest savageness
and bless passages

the press oppresses with excessive finesse
Independence funded high minds to suggest
an intellectual hub
rubs elbows with those textual drugs

The revolution has no media outlet to plug
so plans are started
solutions are gardened
organizing guardians and veterans
underground history of all presidents
a network of activists in surrounding residence
It makes sense
Co ops with enough to make rent
Dreamt a store for mental emancipation
to aid sores of media commercialization
and concentration

Books, music and magazines
not often seen
behind the scenes
in the making
of an anarchist bookstore for educating.

debut by Jermey Scahill
a book and a movie
in the deaths of casualties
light the trees
screaming on knees

Usually reporters are owned by companies
Thank goodness for the order
brought by Jermey Scahill’s expertise
ordering online
supporting enlightened minds

War will end when we finally bring out signs
find mine on
Palace of Rhymes
daily with a new poem
if it rains it might be a problem

Obama’s nation is an abomination
Bombing nations, now regularly
Stomp up and down
before reading the NY times
future predictor generations
ahead for a climb

Expose troves of malicious subjects
with more woes than Karl Rove being the architect
To the internet
with billions more to connect
checking legitimacy’s respect
Diligently dedicate passion
to more than just check cashing

Read this history’s rendition of fascism

Conscious Streaming

Satisfaction left a deaf ear to pain
Match a rhythm to light a fire
The sustain from distorted guitar wires
is a channel irreversible
handling bars
where verses are full
while pairing styles stitched with wool
Empire deniers
become consumer fools
Trained as martyr fighters
organizing collective pools
of distributed capabilities
attributed to better grace
humanity with letters of good taste
cannot be commercialized
futility does not waste it’s lack of prize
willing to still try
filling a skillet to fry
billing the punch card till he dies
expert grill cleaner of any size
bag lunch with cigarettes and chai
Spokes of a bike wheel spoke
of flight dreams
above white clouds of smoke
high as the oldest oaks’
story of taking a token
to enter a streaming river’s organ
opening grounds with roots beneath
whimpering wind navigated to the beach
readying supplies for blistering heat
books so cheap to make one weap
turning the pages of grief and sadness
into stage presence without absence
info goes through membranes
passion landed into the pockets of the self restrained
flow as loud as passing trains
grow wild flower
O child
it is
the hour