2 films

2 films in the oscars

Palace of rhymes would like to recognize
two films in this year’s Oscars
that give humanity a possibility to prosper.
Five broken cameras and the Invisible War,

A palace of rhymes for Palestine,
Put yourself in the shoes of a man you can’t find.
Old school blues we use brings attention to the crime,
did I mention the Geneva Convention has been blind.

A palace of rhymes for Palestine,
For five broken cameras
Emad Burnat should have won an Oscar.
In the factory practically publishing ever offer,
for satisfactory results let’s move forward.

The assault on Palestinians is horror;
mass torture, detention, slaughter.

Imagine your daughter,
at the age of thirteen,
getting killed by an Israeli teen with an American M16
and more magazine for a war.
As the child releases the rock,
the soldiers moves toward the road block.
The sound of a mother’s cry,
“Doctor, doctor! Don’t let her die!”
This is one example why,
diplomacy fails and hands are thrown to the sky.

On the Invisible war,
of sexual assault in the vaults of the military, has a score.
Its thousands documented to have been raped,
affirmed to be more like tens of thousands who didn’t report their case.
Regardless, it’s still heartless;
while so few perpetrators face charges.
Less than a few hundred,
makes one wonder why the campaigns of change are blunders.
Kori and Rob McDonald are not numbers.

Letting women in combat, while 1/3 are assaulted is a real stat stunner.
In summer at Junk town next to bunkers,
Where runners say anything can be found with dollars.
Drugs come into kitchens quicker because of doctor’s
prescription subscriptions does not make problems proctored.
After watching the film,
Leon Panetta took power from the commanders,
to address the situation the documentary offered.

Neither of these films won the award,
but their purpose was to record the improper.
Never watched the Oscars as they’re usually a bore,
unless Michael Moore is denouncing a fictitious war,
finally striking my music’s chord.

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