College Incorporated

The cap and gown are in a package,
Purchased from co-founders of savage,
business pro growers over the average.

These critics teach to think,
about everything but the kitchen sink.

The clever better edge, is a beverage for those who drink,
leveraged from common pool interlinks.
Where honestly,
the awesome blossoming problem
happens to be,
tuition fees from Universities
and student loans where prudence is not shown.

another financial crisis of a throwback to 2008
is a great powerful vice grip of economic tape.

Unemployment is an annoying sentiment,
while remembering that social justice is always hiring,
and the job fair has FBI so we will not be attending.
Money is tight and bending before a break,
walking the graduation ceremony is a piece of cake.

Tasting like too big of a sugar high
that makes the head ache and nerves twitch.
G’s, that’s a high price sales pitch.
A Chocolate rich enough for the palate,
where the plate becomes your wallet,
and the dedication of chronically
submitting and receiving paper ballots.

Ends on one single diploma document.

The cap and gown are on a coat hook,
next to notebooks in case there is ever a need to go back and look.

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