Release is ten years of peace

Release is ten years of peace,
Traveling to see family in the middle east,

Bring a feast, bring an appetite,
Sing all night until unable to stand.
Dancing away problems into the band.

Happy Persian New Year,
on the first day of spring.
May it be grand and fulfilling.
“Salam, Salae No Mubarak,”
(Hello, celebration of the first).
In fact, the flow is so exact
compacts obtain traction to act.

Thirst in release is like ten years of peace,
Where are you at? Niece, cousin,
brother from another Muslim,
my aunt’s husband.

The Haft-seen is stunning,
The Cotlet is in the oven cooking,
With some nice rice with saffron spice.

Shajarian playing Iran’s music at night<

Release, like ten years of peace,
the ultimate price worth the fight,
Why else rap over beats?

Dwight D. Eisenhower writes the most important speech,
In 61′, studying rhetoric of weaponry and guns,

The international census has begun,
asking for arms control distributed by the ton.

The whole system recognizes Lockheed Martin,
when war profits are more than a bargain.
William D. Hartung’s book makes certain the burden,

Knowing others have started unveiling the curtain,
Is release, like ten years of peace.
– (at least as  the captain told me)

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