Hardcore is ten years of war

Hardcore is ten years of war.

On the motherboard, recording
and asking what for?

When these lyrics hit the floor
faster than spirits hitting stores,
the purpose answers for cash.

Anymore deplorable rapports,
Act to enforce tribal conflicts,
controlling ports in whole continents,
stolen at the expense of sense.

Bend these bars open in the fence,
by offense my audience cannot be condensed.
Hence, the pretense of defense.

Hardcore like ten years of war.

Intense psychological trauma,
unseen and unable to afford.
Your baby’s mama
can’t handle the trauma.
He seems lazy and only wants to smoke ganja.
His brothers were goners,
lit up in the fires,
of western expanding empires.

Hardcore is starvation of the poor,
before invasion and internal displacement.

Revolutionaries retire to martyrs,
workers evolve to machines who barter.

Hardcore is ten years of war,
getting harder after some more.

In order to stop this manic disorder,
Pour your love in to this world,
like a father figure
raising a boy to a man
or a girl to a woman.

Healing all casualties,
so no one is forgotten; again.

Hardcore is ten years of war.

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