the proletariat

My favorite topic is the study of the proletariat.
The best class before the last semester passed,
asked how does economic structures puncture
the political function of this juncture.

At last, a real theory about class and conflict.
History for the absentee who couldn’t predict,
The philosophy of politicized science
is printed quick with western eyes of appliance.
Hegemonic tyrant against these defiant giants
used mechanisms of domination,
to control the means of production in nations,
now border-less reservations for multinational corporations.

The periphery to the core of poor exploitation,
is the direction of the proletariat’s future location.
Under the tropic of cancer line, un(der)developed
has no time to see these things unwind,
surviving and growing with what they find.
The Palace of rhymes,
would like to recognize
the original critical theorist mind.

Karl Marx

Karl Marx

In San Marcos talking with Saint Martians before dark.

On the most heart full spark,  that was started with art in the park,
marking thoughts bought with our smarts; not Walmart.

Got to go and leave for a swim in the river,
to part wild rice leaves stuck together.

Think of nice ways  to weave lyrics together
for its is such good weather.
Relieving my work for the editors worth,
he shall be here later to unearth further networks….

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