when taking poetry suggestions on the bus

The suggestions were: A beautiful day (as it truly was)
North Korea

March fifthteenth two thousand and thirteen
started a true changing paradigme of time.
When the beauty is not in a dream,
but awakened to hear freedoms ringing chime.
Not the wall street fat cats who howl and sing,
but lines from the Palace of rhyming kings.

The sun, infiltrated military bases
with writers who exposed currupt cases,
overthrowing dictatorship for an oasis.
As the light outside a cave burns faces,
para libertad, para del mundo,
In North Korea, Kim Jong-un
stopped all threats to play nintendo.

Oh, how the magnifescent sky,
may possibly pacify genocide,
if for only one day.

Here’s the chance!
Rivalries turn to romance.
Attention attention!
North Korea has changed its stance
stating only
“We too, now can buy blue jean pants.”

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