The Property.

with a bite that strikes
like rattle snakes at night.
Quick as a jack rabbit,with a pen back
and a spliff on the gun rack.

Tactical soldiers in my pack,
Relax, on spring break at Rock Springs
before Spring Lake brings home a sanctuary to a king.
Acting in three parts of a daily routine,
vision from the heights of a bird flight of wings.

Taking off up high in public eyes,
or down below under the places you know,
and don’t always go; disguised.
Growing more expansive and retentive of water,|
That’s the cedar at the side,
making the nose slobber,
and the eye’s cry why?

The sky defies explanation,
due to exemplary illumination.
Ride the wide panoramic view,
drinking Texas Brew,
planning breakfast with the crew.
Humbly, with more skill, mumbling
blues from the Hill Country anew.

Advancing from a rocky stone bridge,
through planning,
and endurance of cramping in the Cherokee,
arriving at the Turkey Ridge Ranch
camp eventually.

Champ, meet me in the Texas summer heat,
biking down the street,
of MLK, past Dunbar.
It’s OK, is life is hard,
look at the quantity of stars,
cook the blues with a guitar,
book the news into a journal as a scar,
till the skills get used like a till on acres of a yard.

The savior from the hills met the crater that we filled,
later, by rapping with Phil.
On the last day, his birthday turned 24
and he has moved back next door,
The generosity of my homie Jeremy,
Builds bigger fires with will
that will not be expire.


Off the Palace of rhymes in a notebook
bound with pages and wire.
Yes Sir, look the factory tires you prefer are ready.
The foods have been cooked to a proper degree,
A pauper turned to a prince, with invincibility
is every neighbor in my vicinity.
The flavors you saved from burning,
still taste deliciously important.

Was truth beauty?
Or theĀ  beauty of your truth a youthful quality?

To see, touch and get touched
and stuck by ecology,
is stunningly remarkable while funny.
The cactus is laughing back at us,
the AR’s blow-back and bust,
With a ring that will sting, if ears are not closed up.

On the edge of High Life with Carlos Rossi,
in Shiner city, the Lone Star State’s best drinking.


The porch is dreaming
of a home for David to be living.
So it goes, that most of what we know is remembering.

The glow of the brightest light can burst,
when you and I verse to unearthing.
The source, at its site,
when birthing forth its right of liberty,
is seen and felt clearly,
in the beautiful sight
of a few nights of camping at the Property.


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