Just getting back again

Just getting back again,
from spending time with friends.
Now studying and reading Chomsky’s
Hopes and Prospects text published in 2010.

Dreaming of my mother’s cooking,
while making my own, at home,
Free-styling off the dome.
To practice rhetoric like gymnastics,
realize the political landscape is economic tape,
but for whom?
Arise from the tomb,
awakening those around you.
The price value
is integrity’s growl to grow and bloom.

An eight page paper awaits my concentration
On theories of liberals and realists in international relations.
A critique, finished hopefully, by the end of the week,
with a weak textbook published by Pearson,
that cooked reason into misfeasance.

My beak is sharp as wiki leaks,
able to speak on cables, since given spectacles.
The prince Machiavellian cannot be noble,
when controlling a unipolar global,
defense pretense to intense killings of vocals,
young locals just getting back again to the hopefuls.

The prospect is the total soulful dedication
to real understandings of our role in  social populations.

Noam Chomsky, 2010

Noam Chomsky, 2010

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