From writing to music

Freestyle kings only get paid to sing,
and dance for the chance to stay in the scene.

While most lyricists are concerned with writing,
those who use it to music<
are concerned with promotion and advertising.
Consistently learn,
To whom it concerns,
The business society with human like commodities,
Burns our integrity,
glorified to stories of the eyes in the industry,

We need emcees who give history, lessons,
Freestyle kings coming out of hiding, from the dungeon.
To the dojo from exile
updating files on what we know to tell a child.
Go and grow your mind,
it’s worth more than the dollar sign,
I get mine then share,
but it is really more like a repair,
when the place I live controls more than one hemisphere.

Have no fear, my dear,
write a note to connect a scale to a scope,
Reeling reality, holding on to a rope by a thin salary,
but it doesn’t bother me.
Except for, exotic trading of stocks
and more money for military cops.
Over here,
prisons outnumber schools<
so visionaries are important fuel,
to be burned if we did not learn to use our tools.

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