A 24 hour library

A 24 hour library is my studio facility.
Some students come and go to study,
during midterms to learn, sensibly.

This place is my work and hobby,
taken seriously and playfully,
my shrine to climb any adversity.

What a pleasant surprise,
there are many books of the wise.

A bit scary, in volumes that could consume,
a lifetime supply.

-There is dry commentary,
-fairy tales,
sometimes on the same story.

The plot thickens and entails
puns staked to  trails
in  allegories forgotten,
but arriving soon by mail.
Smitten with doubt that efforts will not prevail.

Energy is in need as fuel,
Pulling on layers of cotton for it is cool.

After a dinner of broccoli, trout, and kale
I drop five dollars for fees where nothing is for sale.

Oh no avail,
A good library sets the scale
for relics like grails, that we still hail.
Unraveling veils of reality,
read as braille,
in the vicinity
of the wittiest amity in the city.

A 24 hour library.

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