Poem for the sun

What is a reminder of the day?
If not the absence  that night stays.

I knew one day
this would come,
writing a poem for the sun.

Life begun
the creation
of elemental hydrogen and oxygen.
Evolution, like processing the information,
of an experimental civilization,
later with technological communication.

This ancient deity,
A millennial ago, to the current centuries we know
is other worldly, in that
It is inanimate, yet part of the family shrine.
In our blood lines, like photosynthesis in a vine.

There’s a darker side
to this divine mastermind’s legacy
Who is worshiped with war ships & artillery?
Praised, like to be raised well,
as an appraisal in an auction cell.

History, usually is written by the winners,
But now, when we are allowed to speak at dinner
We realize that all eyes
have something different to consider.
Look my brother!
To the sky to see your bigger sister.

-A poem for the sun
and before I’m done,
for once its not a mister,
but a mystery,
that there is only one.


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