Friday in Farsi, is jom’e (جمعه).

Tasting the ability to read, and have read
Is the function of remembering the dead.
This wishful decree,
this widespread mentality,
that if games are framed seriously,
Then overcoming the occupation
of in-toleration is a possibility.

Daily schemes and skirmishes,
Empty souls fill from a whirling dervish drill,
bowls of greens, wholes in the seams,
The goal to make it seem never ending,

Commending the preparation it takes,
To bend and shake elevation out of its hiding place.

Tying the grace of virtue in excellence,
the proper functioning of morals to sense,
the voluntary consent,
of respectful submission to a higher content.

Liberation Theology is a supplement,
to the dissenting philosophy of social, justice,
rendering that which it is due its present judgement.

This substance of intelligence is marked
by sentiments in elements of benevolence.

Whence we ignore the expense of our neighbor,
the chores of a savior become greater than before.


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