Thank you, to Private Bradley Manning

Excuse the delay of distribution,
We are human in an inhuman system,
Take in more information than you have permission.

Thank you Private Bradley Manning,
who is in prison for inadvertently bringing journalism,
From the depths, of excruciating evidence that is left,
in the most recorded war in history.
Of the dead casualties,
Now, there’s more accuracy in killing & counting bodies.
While still not being allowed to leak reality,
The obvious destruction of others property,
commodities, and surely the culture of our integrity.

Whistle blowers need protection as well as agency,
Thank you Private Bradley Manning
for your service in the military.

The U.S. withdrew combat troops,
but forgot the mercenaries.

Manning spent his 24th birthday in solitary.
He should be released & honored respectfully.
He is loved by the Afghan and Iraqi citizenry,
He is loved by lovers of transparency.
This martyr of human dignity,
gives me energy for poetry,
even when there is none.

Resistance has begun,
Thank you Private Bradley Manning,
you are a son in many families.
Hold strong you will be released sooner than eventually.

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  1. Manning followed his conscience over orders and has sacrificed his freedom for possibly the rest of his life so that others could get a peek behind the theater’s curtains. This cannot be tolerated and now the head grasshopper must make an example of him so the rest of the ants stay in line. The shocking part isn’t what he revealed, its how little much of the mainstream press and pubic gave a damn.


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