To the Alkek Library Part 1

The pedigree of an emcee (ideally) starts in the library.

Reading lyricism and philosophical conditions,
before we could own our own copy.
This commune of common integrity,
with more volumes, than if one were ready
to consume all of the worldly joys and gloom.
To whom it concerns, learning steadily
The Inter-Library loan service works beautifully,
receiving books from
The U of H, The U of NT, UT Arlington, & Oklahoma State University.

If your city doesn’t have a book,
the State will ask others to take a look.

There is so much history,
that i forget to eat,
but when i remember I cook quickly.
Come to the facility of our enlightenment’s peak,
Freely take a seat, in one of eight stories,
and let the inventory of words come to life.
(if for only one night)

Centuries of literature in different cultures,
Sure, there are censures, fillers, and archaic archives,
but the latest Times arrive,
as regular as daily,
the pedigree of an emcee starts here,
within these book seams

-To the Alkek Library,
part 1….

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