To the Weapons Industry

-Dear Raytheon, BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing
T(h)anks a lot for security but there is too much weaponry!

Never had to battle with a gun,
but my mind is (w)one, before the war (be gun),
economic sanctions starve my sons,
Realpolitik moves weight in fractions of a ton.
Studying defense contractors for fun,
so one day their work will be done.

That day is now, That day is here,
Cooking more corruption than the collapse of fear,
A General assembly of volunteers against a profiteer,

He brought his own unbeknown peer,
to peer on our productivity, and jeer us into the gears, quickly
We know their sphere of affluence in influential activity,
Highfalutin celebrities in the industry of security.

Meet these dead bodies,
             innocent families as casualties,
from the casual business of too much weaponry.

-Sincerely yours,
your greatest enemy,
a poor loving refugee
who prays for your awakening.

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