Memorizing Lines

I memorized my best lines
in case it came to this kind of time.
All humanity shines in my poetry,
like a divine psalm.

Anyway, how about that sequestor
Congress is in a crisis of identity this semester,
no money for veterans,
just more wars, send them in.
I came to change where we begin,
bring all the soldiers home, and then
legalize weed as a legislative necessity,
The drug industry is crushing third world countries,
We eat corn whenever we’re hungry,
high fructose corn syrup subsidies,
study political science and the appliance of philosophy,
Ready our utility to topple monopolies like dictators,
futility against conveyor belt goods,
commodities said, “you should probably buy”
Here is poetry immortalized to never die,
My favorite drug, is still drinking chai on Tabrizi rugs,

Back to the subject of the topics relevancy.
Legalize weed as a legislative necessity,
Its blaspheme to suppress Godly conscious activity,
Pharmaceuticals are making fiends out of grannies,
40,000 people died in Mexico, for the drug flow,
In one year, pay the Man an anti before you go,

Love demands justice,
where  prisons outnumber schools,
Trust the kids to get the tools,
when corporate sponsorship gives the tip for a jewel.

Un’guard’! Challenge any Vanguard to a duel,
otherwise the wise are bagged up, after the gag rules.
I memorized my rhymes, so my eyes could get your fuel.

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