Hear thee, Here thee (Guerilla Poetry)

                                                                 Hear thee, here thee,
Turn off the radio, get free,
poetry for you and me,
live laugh eventually,
we would have a stash to key,
unlock the door,
what your neighbor’s record,
food bank food for the poor,
my attitude is thank the lord,
but look what he made us endure,
still not sold in stores, the remedy,
legalize greenery as a legislative necessity,
infinitely to change the network genuinely,
the show the dirt like Anonymous,
thus globalized to know the scope and size.
You won’t hear my rhymes on Interscope,
but they hope to arise this dope and high.

Here thee, hear thee,

poetry for free, from another exiled mc,
comm. unity till equality, follow me to the sea,
To see peaceful tranquility,
why are you fearing me?
Weapons from the military armory,
are our biggest industry of security,
After the twin towers were hit by a conspiracy,
I begin by breaking in, a few companies of sin,
who are leaving coffins, branded by CIA marksmen,
The biggest government subsidies is Lockheed Martin.
We are smarter than the Spartans of Rome,
I am Persian but America is my home.
Learning these skills not owned.
The private is public, come in, bring a bowl,
we got enough vegetables to keep you full,
never alone, and what’s shown is the revolution.

Breaking institutions with instant tuition,
splitting neurotransmitters in intermission,
subliminal tactics for the theatrics of cognition,
a hat trick he kicks for a submission,
All y’all look great like Allah, Eshallah is god willing,
Gabriel Giffords is still living,
Mumia Abu Jamal is still in prison,
but at a show,
Got to tell you he’s off the death row,
page turning the ages, unlocking the door to cages,
or perceptions of collections in different phases,
the maze fits, even when you start baseless.
Apart from the art of aesthetics,
the tasteless also act as a medic,
for a remedy of comm purity till equality.

Hear thee, here thee,
poetry for free, comm unity till equality,

Read books till your eyes bleed
and looking is eventually blinding,
rhyme schemes need binding,
a fiend for timing,
waiting for the beat to drop,
finding the nice weed spots,
next to the best plot of crops,
thanks a lot, God for what she’s got,
hip hop in the parking lot,
claws on the mic,
take a pause,
from the styles of hype,
to approach what you like, every night,
top the rice with beans,
fight to realize your dreams.


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