To the blues

You want to know what I mean,
Love Supreme,
used to go on my brain,
like John Coltrane,
When I was home listening to Nina Simone,
until the I heard the skills of Lauren Hill.

Take another looker at blues of John Lee Hooker,
getting my kicks from Jimi Hendrix,
to take me back
to Smoke Stack lightning,
& Lightning Hops,
Checking my beer to see what kinds of hops,

The music to your sons and daughters,
raw like Muddy Waters, and Ella Fitzgerald,
Hitting the pipes strong like Louie Armstrong,
on Cypress Hill samples and fills,

Some of my favorites like Miles Davis,
Just to show you the funk in Thelonious Monk,
Rocking drunk as Janis Joplin,

The same hip hop talker<
Walker, T-Bone
The same sun as Robert Johnson
tells the story on blues tones,
until he was gone,
taken like Stevie Ray Vaughn.

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