A peace of the bigger pie

I’m a rapper that just begun, to change history,
Like defense contractors with guns, who run the Middle East,
Lockheed Martin Spartans are my enemy,
Developing weaponry on my country’s tax subsidy,

While everyone I see, mostly lives in poverty,
50% of US society, is paycheck to paycheck,

Once a year I go unemployed, just to reflect,

Paranoid that consciousness is being suppressed,
so here’s the best address, I can stress,
Zucatti Park, New York, New York, Manhattan.

As it happens,
sequestration is making General Fatten, slim
Code Pink, running exercises like a gym,

Reading column’s by Amy Goodman,
Juan Gonzales, sobre el gobierno morales,
IVAW soldiers in my palace, of rhymes,

Chris hedges is way ahead of our time,
but thank God he noted the crimes,

To truly care for this place, we find ourselves in,
Stand along with Bill Mckibben,
who organized, 350 worldwide on carbon dioxide.

Activists never really die,
Their message is a peace of the bigger pie.

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