Quitting the easiest job I have ever had

Minimum wage to flip burgers,
At 15, I got my first job making 5.50 an hour
now, at 24 its 7.25
not the biggest struggle to stay alive
since my father taught me the finance to survive.

Jack London said it best,
the vender of muscle never last as long
as the vendor of brains hustle.

Where is the maximum wage,
on cap and trade,
born as a slave,
to consume and crave,
to be taxed for wars they made,

Minimum wage,
but the best cook to ever fillet
fish into a dish, displayed with a hint
of dill and turmeric,

Skill frying hash browns in grease
still makes my stomach sick,
it’s all calories, and when I mention
a salad, the answer is “do your duty”

Don’t need a degree in culinary cuisine,
it’s my hobby , (un)luckily its big here,
the food service industry, to be clear,

The record store closed,
The book store closed,
15 different bars, with 10 different shows,
30,000 students and 15,000 locals,

Tomorrow is button down,
resume with a smile for the town,
hopeful in turning around,

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