Write everyday part 2

Write Everyday
as often as Muslims pray,
anyway, they don’t all have AK’s,
Yet, but in retrospect,
The U.S. has 300 million registered techs,
shotguns and other kinds of weaponry by the ton,
The export of our killing machine,
cleans by self extermination,
drone bases and torture camp reservations<
also known as extraordinary rendition.
I’m not! Waiting, for the next invasion,
organizing populations like Cesar Chavez,
so hopefully at least I’m read after I’m dead,
Rest in peace, to the revolutionary middle east,
no bread, means not eating,
acting on history so its not repeating,
a misery turned joy,
reading books from Noam Chomsky and Tolstoy,
see defense budget increase<
till sequestration makes the case brief,
2.5 billion a submarine,
yes please, we will take three,
even though there is no utility,

the silly breed of the Hawkish
in the death industry,

Write everyday

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