My freestyles are much better

My freestyles are much better

than these corporate betters,
on making sweat shop sweaters,
arena of competitors>
Don’t like it, send more letters,
to demand editors,
of being more clever than trendsetters on pull,
string these syllables till your full.

We demonstrate to suggest,
a movement of protest,
Unrest till economic justice,
just in this,
Trust is lost and forgotten to American fists,
Blatant disrespect to humanity and its kin.
Inspect the origin to begin,
when winning is costly to indigenous tribal men,
women and children.

Why not say we won?
Declare the war on terrorism as done,
Number two; Be infinitely just in what you do,
We work hard to get through the most,
to be the host,
Emcee on any coast.

Breaking institutions into instant tuition,
splitting neurotransmitters in intermission of the cognition.

We are the future as we breath out the past,
savor this moment of as long as it lasts,
patience brings memory as translucent as history of a past century,
Live, laugh, love and eventually we would have a collective,
To shove among many perceptions, the appreciation of affect,
selective specs suggest elections are bought by a check,
Ought we reflect on specificity in electricity used to connect,
Protection against insurgents,
economic reimbursements for assurance.
The insurance sold stocks as bad as rotten crops,
distributed from the world from the top,
Hip Hop brought this to yo today,
Your welcome, and thanks a lot for reading what I have

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  1. The first comment

    Its time’s like these, we can relieve any tensity,
    bless the mic, pen or keyboard to record some history,
    hope to tell my son,
    that life has only begun and there is no eternity,
    except the one moment currently,
    write as often as Muslims pray, daily.
    Happiness is when appreciation takes in your submission,
    lately, all the music to words is the passionate drive, to listen, to learn

    In due time, doing time,
    It’s a business doing pleasure with you,
    building a shrine with notebooks,
    and no looks at the records of revenue>


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