A Palace of Rhymes for Palestine

A palace of rhymes for Palestine

Invaded by an Imperial presence,
displayed in evidence, ever since,
1,000 Palestinians were released from prison,
     traded for one Israeli in the same condition.
Check the difference in casualties,
check the flow, of refugees and the inflow of western companies,
Others tell me, its oil blood money, but
never mention the sales of weaponry,
or the CIA’s power in foreign policy,non-governmental agency with extreme high authority.
Look up the Coup d’etats, and see who’s God,
Chile, Iran, Vietnam, and Guatemala,
Oddly enough our military’s not getting smaller,
Next up, is millions for a base in Australia,
Trillions in an industry to know where you’ll be, and watch ya
   snap, like a picture captured,
        willing to rap like its the rapture,
to make sure, that dreams of the lost are not differed for a higher cost,
the buyer, my boss

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