Happy Friday part 1

The bars are bendable,

Stars expendable,

Except for the one that lets your food grow,

So your belly’s full,

My rhymes are designed by a master shrine,

From Zoroastrianism and visions of generations

Of tolerance timed to divine patience.

Let the mind awaken,

Hollering since the collar has been tightening our frustration,

Blue or white, brown or black as night,

Red widely as Jesus Christ,
cleaner with some green, the growing life<

colors we discovered, have all shown light,
even in darkness, leading through any sorrow of tomorrow market,
the printers of my stickers are heating up,
cold winters here were, not as cold my dear,
cooking more corruption than the collapse of fear,

anyway, its Friday,
Cook some breakfast before work<
find the news in the network,
screaming Democracy Now!
Live streaming

Finished the test,
when your not worried, is easiest,
information bandit who patches wounds like bandages.

Happy Friday,  may it be of the grandest.


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