Today i have purchased the domain name http://www.palaceofrhymes.com.
-In celebration, of having a written poetry station,
here are rhymes from the basement<
written in a writers session with a record playing.

9th Wonder Instrumental- State of the Art

11/25/2012              Writers Workshop


Experience life in deliverance,
any night you need adolescence,
A professionally embellished obsession
to better polish a presence,
literally left on letters in a sentence,
whence we typically tempor the rhetor, to a score.
Judgement, in a sense is aesthetic placement,
… (Later we will only record our memories of amazement)

(in reflection after the event, in E3’s apartment)
Tapping into fractions of a pocket,
rapping like he got plugged into a socket,
better yet, drugged on a speaker set,
directed, to be ejected, out a rocket
Tracking patterns on useless microscopic topics,

Elevation                 12/20/12             Mr. Green – Comeback  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w33MBSD_46w

Troy, you got a piece,
to elevate this beat, when writing’s complete,
been fighting everyday of the week,
working till my pants and socks stink.
Tomorrow is laundry and cleaning,
before the big city, where I was growing up,
in Austin its now costing too much,
so after I see my family,
rushing back home, running nice tracks,
the gun goes off, and I’m at the last lap at the Dunbar loft.
Getting stoned on Freedom<
chillen with Troy, Fay and Dillon,
in a writers session,
to manage the poetic condition
of handling word connections, before the world ends,
record cymbals made from pearls and sterling,
betting on getting the silver clarinet from the storage bin,
Accidentally deleted everything, and starting over again,
When freshness is deaf
and death sends seconds left on the pen,
my best friend

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