Something that you feel

The stress relief,
lets make this brief<
at work on the boss’s computer,
the loose leaf is now inferior.

Reading documents on domestic activity,
the interior to inner systems of network connections,
hired help to wire security for protection.

So soon as I am done,
a free beer and a shot, out the door like a gun,
got pot at the spot where the feeling begun,


back at the lab,
Two new cd’s, a cigarette drag,
and three weeks till my drum machine respectfully brags,

At least a feast in a bag,
enough for, practicing 8 hours outdoors,
hate to say fingers are sore,
but tired eyelids don’t read,
even when asleep, don’t count the sheep,
lead them out the heap, dream paradise, then repeat.

When he was 10,
his best friend,        was a pen<
he found on the street,
completed a masterpiece on a weekday before the end.

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