Get to school early

A universe is a tomb,
              where you and I verse, fully collected, reciting
papers within the bindings, letters combining in different timing.

On bike, early and ready, the worm is my coffee,
Expensive hallways and new buildings,
My family’s fantasy of  successful learning’s,
that War is everywhere and in everything!
(but no where to be seen or heard from)

The scary sum
spent on protection is our biggest industry,
of security,

the highest paying jobs are ones that service the rich luxury.
In this scenic delivery,
of over a thousand U.S. military,
bases overseas,
let me not set these,
                  at ease of tensity, in
beginning the history of necessity,
working to experience responsibility,
my neighbors are my family, and kin.

The diligent in benevolent decrees,
of evidence of humanity<
      prevailing over orthodoxy,
in daily dedication to analytical routines,
messages forward,
                                      with space for interpreting,
taste the conscious circuiting,
       of contextual continuous —stretching–
less(on) plans always are in need of correcting.
“A man who never fails to plan, fails to ever be surprised”.

Pack the lunch with a punch,
cilantro pesto, toast the bread for the crunch,
ghost write lyrics to be read by anonymous spirits.
The lows and highs make up the t(i)empo of our time,
sunrise, sunset, sunshine to sum a check,
my dear sincerly,
all love has potential to be perfect,
        godly reach makes the nervous protest and speak<

Yes, we can teach each and every child,
but truancy is not allowed<
and tardiness hides the pride,
     so be proud
and read this aloud.

“Happiness is when what you think,
what you say,
and what you do are in harmony.” (Mahatma Ghandi)

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