Skip school to write poetry.

A university lives within this room,
                          within these carefully selected writings,
within this bookcase, as a library surviving.

At home, alone, focus has no compromising<
Free books, from taxes taken with I cook,
The crooks fooled me, into Kneading to a degree,The bread costing 40,000 plus, inflation that is rising,
Its tough but I can’t thank my dad enough,
helped me get my undergrad, now no one’s hiring,

The dean Dr. Beebe, said “why not study and become
part of the faculty, since communication is your specialty”.

Well we may see…

but today, i skipped school,
to pray to never be a slave of an economic tool,
tag graffiti of the jewels on walls as murals,
sending words that were thought and not heard,
   ready for the festival,
concerned with elevating material,
      in arts against imperial, oppressive denial,
Post bond on the magistrate of a style,
technically out of date since the visual profile,

Can we teach each and every child?
If their out of the reach,
     in the systematic educational files,

If you ask me, most of these classes are theory,
without explanations on ability to use these vocations in reality.

So today for once in a semester,
I skipped school to write poetry.

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