The dichotomy of the definition of sanction

After school,
bike home as fast as you can,
listening to the birds, before work
written words, for fans of the absurd.
Lucidly let language move and swerve,
This morning she smelled like sex.
Didn’t read the hw text,
but still know the answers, up next,
the question that kept me perplexed,
is how can a term be used in opposites.

The dichotomy of the definition of sanction.
To mean approval and punishment,
depending on the contents occasion.

Left only to say, that’s the way it is,
is funny business on a serious topic,
internationally relaying the politics,
a race to never end, or for dividends,
those have woes, so the story goes,
the glory is being able to compose,
a note addressed to specific artifact
of clothing.

A white button up, ready to conduct
the machinery of liveliness,
yo duck!
this crispy bread is stale,
bad luck news for sale,
kale and broccoli is growing
like my poetry,

openly, this hopeful decree<
is be infinitely just and natural,
when shackled intimacy—–needs to be — unraveled.

Ravel Bolero in my stereo,
now when i travel around,
the birds play my beat and sound…

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