February Poetry sharing


Yo 1 3 to get her
B together,
clever rhymes severed from an editors mind,
collected to protect your shrine,
everywhere, every-time,
find mine on the business man’s bottom line,
like the busiest man you can find, online,

Time is my religion.Music is my vehicle, tool, and ignition
gripping a pen when its fuel to the fire,
so words are important for desires to be heard,
listen to a vision of another brother on the curb,
professional to the ameature
freestyles simple to the grandeur,
at the temple, is what makes a holy place possible,
studying with or without pocketfuls,
the worlds lovely as it is cruel,
Acting according to the principle,
which might mean, we need you on the scene,
keen observation Watson,
go grow vegetables in a garden,
a bargain when your starving,
In San Marcos, as the most heartless Marxists,
Marking linguistics off a guitar & drum kick,
As it sticks to the brain,
like taking trips on a plane,
to see family’s face and name,
The place we came from,
making haste to never waste one,
moment to write a poem for the sun,
who begun all,
beatific and enthralled with sprawling life’s nitches,

Part 2
reading old poetry,
listening to instruments make words sing,
due diligence in determining the willing,
more dedication than most religious affiliation brings,

without hearing the beat, played electronically,
clear the streets, abstract poetry,A homie told me,
“Fella, A Capella freestyles are oldies”
I said, “my jams are grown and picked happily”
and to understand fluently, why?
the change faces truancy,
never hiding the writings of the most high beauty,
existing only on existential possibilities,
evident in textually written techniques,
a blaring snare and a drum kick,
Dare an activist to hit the switchm
who didn’t know if it was a dream or a glitch,
perfect pitch, rate, & volume,
be content with content, so leave the costume,
memorizing memories strong as perfume,
performing for you,
is much better for me,
as teaching is the best form of learning,

Earnings of salaries
actually holds no bars,
so I study very hard
to confront ideology on guard,
lets walk to the yard
and grow vegetables under stars.

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