To the Alkek Library Part 1

The pedigree of an emcee (ideally) starts in the library.

Reading lyricism and philosophical conditions,
before we could own our own copy.
This commune of common integrity,
with more volumes, than if one were ready
to consume all of the worldly joys and gloom.
To whom it concerns, learning steadily
The Inter-Library loan service works beautifully,
receiving books from
The U of H, The U of NT, UT Arlington, & Oklahoma State University.

If your city doesn’t have a book,
the State will ask others to take a look.

There is so much history,
that i forget to eat,
but when i remember I cook quickly.
Come to the facility of our enlightenment’s peak,
Freely take a seat, in one of eight stories,
and let the inventory of words come to life.
(if for only one night)

Centuries of literature in different cultures,
Sure, there are censures, fillers, and archaic archives,
but the latest Times arrive,
as regular as daily,
the pedigree of an emcee starts here,
within these book seams

-To the Alkek Library,
part 1….

To the Weapons Industry

-Dear Raytheon, BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing
T(h)anks a lot for security but there is too much weaponry!

Never had to battle with a gun,
but my mind is (w)one, before the war (be gun),
economic sanctions starve my sons,
Realpolitik moves weight in fractions of a ton.
Studying defense contractors for fun,
so one day their work will be done.

That day is now, That day is here,
Cooking more corruption than the collapse of fear,
A General assembly of volunteers against a profiteer,

He brought his own unbeknown peer,
to peer on our productivity, and jeer us into the gears, quickly
We know their sphere of affluence in influential activity,
Highfalutin celebrities in the industry of security.

Meet these dead bodies,
             innocent families as casualties,
from the casual business of too much weaponry.

-Sincerely yours,
your greatest enemy,
a poor loving refugee
who prays for your awakening.

Memorizing Lines

I memorized my best lines
in case it came to this kind of time.
All humanity shines in my poetry,
like a divine psalm.

Anyway, how about that sequestor
Congress is in a crisis of identity this semester,
no money for veterans,
just more wars, send them in.
I came to change where we begin,
bring all the soldiers home, and then
legalize weed as a legislative necessity,
The drug industry is crushing third world countries,
We eat corn whenever we’re hungry,
high fructose corn syrup subsidies,
study political science and the appliance of philosophy,
Ready our utility to topple monopolies like dictators,
futility against conveyor belt goods,
commodities said, “you should probably buy”
Here is poetry immortalized to never die,
My favorite drug, is still drinking chai on Tabrizi rugs,

Back to the subject of the topics relevancy.
Legalize weed as a legislative necessity,
Its blaspheme to suppress Godly conscious activity,
Pharmaceuticals are making fiends out of grannies,
40,000 people died in Mexico, for the drug flow,
In one year, pay the Man an anti before you go,

Love demands justice,
where  prisons outnumber schools,
Trust the kids to get the tools,
when corporate sponsorship gives the tip for a jewel.

Un’guard’! Challenge any Vanguard to a duel,
otherwise the wise are bagged up, after the gag rules.
I memorized my rhymes, so my eyes could get your fuel.

Hear thee, Here thee (Guerilla Poetry)

                                                                 Hear thee, here thee,
Turn off the radio, get free,
poetry for you and me,
live laugh eventually,
we would have a stash to key,
unlock the door,
what your neighbor’s record,
food bank food for the poor,
my attitude is thank the lord,
but look what he made us endure,
still not sold in stores, the remedy,
legalize greenery as a legislative necessity,
infinitely to change the network genuinely,
the show the dirt like Anonymous,
thus globalized to know the scope and size.
You won’t hear my rhymes on Interscope,
but they hope to arise this dope and high.

Here thee, hear thee,

poetry for free, from another exiled mc,
comm. unity till equality, follow me to the sea,
To see peaceful tranquility,
why are you fearing me?
Weapons from the military armory,
are our biggest industry of security,
After the twin towers were hit by a conspiracy,
I begin by breaking in, a few companies of sin,
who are leaving coffins, branded by CIA marksmen,
The biggest government subsidies is Lockheed Martin.
We are smarter than the Spartans of Rome,
I am Persian but America is my home.
Learning these skills not owned.
The private is public, come in, bring a bowl,
we got enough vegetables to keep you full,
never alone, and what’s shown is the revolution.

Breaking institutions with instant tuition,
splitting neurotransmitters in intermission,
subliminal tactics for the theatrics of cognition,
a hat trick he kicks for a submission,
All y’all look great like Allah, Eshallah is god willing,
Gabriel Giffords is still living,
Mumia Abu Jamal is still in prison,
but at a show,
Got to tell you he’s off the death row,
page turning the ages, unlocking the door to cages,
or perceptions of collections in different phases,
the maze fits, even when you start baseless.
Apart from the art of aesthetics,
the tasteless also act as a medic,
for a remedy of comm purity till equality.

Hear thee, here thee,
poetry for free, comm unity till equality,

Read books till your eyes bleed
and looking is eventually blinding,
rhyme schemes need binding,
a fiend for timing,
waiting for the beat to drop,
finding the nice weed spots,
next to the best plot of crops,
thanks a lot, God for what she’s got,
hip hop in the parking lot,
claws on the mic,
take a pause,
from the styles of hype,
to approach what you like, every night,
top the rice with beans,
fight to realize your dreams.


To the blues

You want to know what I mean,
Love Supreme,
used to go on my brain,
like John Coltrane,
When I was home listening to Nina Simone,
until the I heard the skills of Lauren Hill.

Take another looker at blues of John Lee Hooker,
getting my kicks from Jimi Hendrix,
to take me back
to Smoke Stack lightning,
& Lightning Hops,
Checking my beer to see what kinds of hops,

The music to your sons and daughters,
raw like Muddy Waters, and Ella Fitzgerald,
Hitting the pipes strong like Louie Armstrong,
on Cypress Hill samples and fills,

Some of my favorites like Miles Davis,
Just to show you the funk in Thelonious Monk,
Rocking drunk as Janis Joplin,

The same hip hop talker<
Walker, T-Bone
The same sun as Robert Johnson
tells the story on blues tones,
until he was gone,
taken like Stevie Ray Vaughn.

My best friend is a pen

Sit still,
You will still,
have free will, till,
you kill, leaving an open will,
breath in your fill.

Stand tall, All Y’all
band together, like new brands in the mall,
stormy weather blues,
A weatherman on turntables,
1’s and 2’s, when you were able to use,
Some son, begun making guns for cops,
done taking rum shots,
now he runs the block.

My best friend is a pen,
when it ends I get another,
Like they are caging,
other brothers in the pen,
again, word to your mother,
blend in undiscovered,
organize to get the bread and butter,
or better food in attitude,
than solitude in the gutter,
Hunger strikes make longer nights/
 Suppressed by security in force,
Of course the source, at a cite,
writes to spread the story of the fight,
to ignite

My best friend is a pen,
my enemy is the keyboard on the computer,
making us stupider and bored
of actual conversation,
Re searching what records,
Research in Record Stores,

 Sit still,
You will still,
have free will, till,
you kill, leaving an open will,
breath in your fill

Before leaving your lungs on the window sill,
but were young with no future,
looking for a pill to get a thrill quicker,
pay my bill to the bartender
get a refill and fulfill your splendor,

The World at finger tips

The world at finger tips,
hurled past the eclipse,
faster than you can move your lips,
life is a trip,
Be God,
and try helping someone else lift up the odds.

To the present gift,
to fight against oppressors unseen,
in the midst of agonizing defeat,
Skip to when we meet,

from the head
down to the feet,
We read sounds as a greet,
In the garage or on the street.

The factory operators found this piece,
under a heap of old files,
that was noted “DO NOT READ”
while also being alphabetized, properly.

A peace of the bigger pie

I’m a rapper that just begun, to change history,
Like defense contractors with guns, who run the Middle East,
Lockheed Martin Spartans are my enemy,
Developing weaponry on my country’s tax subsidy,

While everyone I see, mostly lives in poverty,
50% of US society, is paycheck to paycheck,

Once a year I go unemployed, just to reflect,

Paranoid that consciousness is being suppressed,
so here’s the best address, I can stress,
Zucatti Park, New York, New York, Manhattan.

As it happens,
sequestration is making General Fatten, slim
Code Pink, running exercises like a gym,

Reading column’s by Amy Goodman,
Juan Gonzales, sobre el gobierno morales,
IVAW soldiers in my palace, of rhymes,

Chris hedges is way ahead of our time,
but thank God he noted the crimes,

To truly care for this place, we find ourselves in,
Stand along with Bill Mckibben,
who organized, 350 worldwide on carbon dioxide.

Activists never really die,
Their message is a peace of the bigger pie.

Poem for Zizania texana, Texas Wild Rice

Oh magnificent endangered species,
home for fish to swim free,
In springs, next to a University.

Such beauty brings affinity of affection,
in responsibility of its protection,
Wild Rice,
proud and tough enough to be a Texan.

Swimming in water,
next to the Alma mater,
longer and calmer,
than the most distinguished honor.

Planning a concert of words,
next to the harbor, on the curb
with tribute to the donors.

Naturalist connoisseurs!
Yes sir,
your recurrent presence is preferred,
Nay, necessary for this nature to endure.