That moment of peace

Practice the theatrics of Rhetoric,
Wit(h), benevolent tantric evidence,
that the tongue is essentially necessary,
for pleasuring the senses,
especially evident in tenses,
lettering to sentences,
hell bent to send God terms to editors
for a second apprentice,
to defer their records of insolence’s bigger brother,
the tolerance of your mother,
father the time, infinitely smothered to combine,
power of lovers of peace and justice,
a piece of my heart, intrusted for
just this part of a ceremony’s art,
starting the machinery for a poetry factory,
smart rap at high velocity,
show the smooth and sequential
from blues jam instrumentals,
boozing off losing a position of potential
bringing life long lasting repercussions,
generations when family’s are breaking
the loud bass of my percussion,

the whole pride lost its soul,
when the cub shot the place up with out taking pocketfuls,
very vengeful in vendetta of vicissitude,

V told B to C about

attitudes, values, and beliefs
the foundation in roots
reaching higher concentrations
of self actualized truths, waiting ,,,

for that moment of piece
through moving with ease,
knowing improving weaves,
techniques achieving leads,
heed these alignments of relief,
because we need your labor cheap,
that moment of peace,
broken by a higher buyer on a lease,
whose got other property on the beach,while some can’t eat, some can’t sleep,
some can’t walk down the street not strapping heat,
there’s an invasion & internal military oppression
culture is lost, when banned from displaying its future cost,
the price is too high,
85 percent have already died,
so its wise to arise the dead to awaken
the 99 percent protests were the best demonstrations.

What did you learn in school


What did you learn in school today?

Ask your kids about this before they go to play.


I learned we have $ to burn,

Education costs a pretty penny,

So when it’s your turn, make sure it’s not empty,

Studying heavy chemistry science and math,

Need appliance of language on a graph,

Maintenance won’t last, unless we read the past

History and ask, how fast can recess pass at the bar,

Like light years and nuclear stars, I once saw my future

In the yard telling others that life’s not that hard, to

Discover which cards fit

Write Everyday

Write Everyday

Freestyle as often as Muslims pray

Five times a day,

To explore different dimensions of perceptions

Patience and dedication

I’m not waiting

For the next invasion,

Organizing populations held down by force,

Of course, this is underground

Found, when guitar strings are wound

Found, when pawns think they have a crown

Found, when the king of Iran is gone,

And I’m in town to give history with authority,

Bound to come through the university,

Giving free poetry,

Giving literacy literally a chance,

Belittling middle man of finance

Words dance off the page to the curb in a rage,

Romanced when passages connect binding in a book,

Enhanced timing, with a beat that doesn’t need a hook,

Look for me in the kitchen as a cook,

When done rock hip hop in the parking lot with drums

Write Everyday

Freestyle as often as Muslims pray

Five times a day