Write everyday, for yourself

Write everyday, for yourself
almost as quickly as you can.
My hand has forgotten the pen, its old best friend
The keyboard has me bored
The screen has turned obscene, with constant flashing and flickering.
Remember our journey’s in journals?
Smoke filled rooms of intoxicated slumber
Creativity sparked by force,
A demand enforced by brute strength,
now the funnels open calmly.

Pour your love into this world,
like a father figure raising a boy or girl,
the future’s options unfold like a flower
of countless pedals,
take time to count each one,
the moment will eventually come,
when enough is enough,
after the tough stuff what else could be this rough?


A machine

I am a machine,
Living a life that is sober and clean,
I wake up at 4:15,

Meditation gets me to my concentration,
starting the daily ritual of poetry creation,
my friend is sending me his writings, life is getting exciting,
the woman I am seeing if inviting

Eyes are windows to the soul
Rise and find the lows and highs that encompass your whole
Find the compass to direct the pull
Full of energy needs depleting,
when empty come back for more poetry reading.

I miss this feeling,
I miss her lips, this weekend I will take a trip
Silence reminds me why I exist,
not everything will fit, nor will everything have a place to submit

Seasons change, things rearrange and my goals never stay the same,
never has life had this kind of range, with the real estate that my brain claims.

Experimentation, like a scientist with new devices of appliances.
I watch the Kaizen and then tell a friend
about how things never end
When do we take the time to imagine and pretend

For me it’s the morning when I feel zen,
most are sleeping in, but I feel power from within,
waiting to awaken the machine of my personal invention

Letter to a fellow poet – It has been a while

Where are the poetry venues these days?
Its been a while
Freestyles, written and reciting rhetoricians.
take my ears better than any politician,
I have been missin all of the intuition in formation,
the healthy habit of of poetry digestion
is a necessity for consistent internal rehabilitation,every now and then I put on a beat and pretend
to just bend and break the words when there is nothing else to be heard

The Television and and movies are too much for the eyes
I need something for my ear follicles to rise
Sizing up a measure is a pleasure for the wise endeavor
We all know we won’t live forever
but our words put up a very powerful structure.Life changes in many strange arrangements<
Change is synonymous to life as range from the present to the ancients
I miss having an aim for attainment

for the sake of beauty’s placement
I have learned a few new recipes of entertainment
and shed the previous ideologies of my contagion
Joy can be forgotten in old practices
annoyed that the toys we avoid are so miraculous
getting through the void
boy I tell you it sometimes feels like sheer randomness.

It has been such a while

I have missed you, sorry for having been so long
It feels like life times find a man strapped for rhymes
not forgotten, wrong turns on the right type of way to learn
Way to not let the candle burn by letting it stay with the wick
Wickedness is not using that which you fit, covering up tricks
Lover of all of the above and mixed, tip my glass for every last trip
take a sip, let me show you why we exist. For this shit

To make something different, a letter better
than has been done before, in such a man, or in this manor
of Fact, never decided to keep score, of how much more we can afford
tracks dropped knowledge and valor right onto the floor

Some of these deplorable horrible sores keep be bored, of what we record
My history is definitely crafted by the stories I call reality,
face value is hardly the venue to come through, blues poetry ballads on the menu
and for dessert, for more energy to exert, the inertia was where it hurt


Sow a thought, reap an action
sow an action, reap a habit
sow a habit, reap a character
sow a character, reap a destiny

I’ve tried all at one, and then putting them into chunks
but when I asked my friend he said bluntly
only analyze and change one thing once a month
finding regularity helps more than charity
junking unnecessary stories to have more mindful clarity,
poetry time, writing daily whether with the sun’s setting or rising

sowing to reap a character over personality
techniques can be gained after principles have aim and authenticity
the visual of seeing poetry rituals written in textually stimulating intervals
the thought to action might seem simple
but the action to a habit is more fickle
habits to character create even larger ripples
till the pond is a river and characters change destiny

the official riddle ride to try a flexible part in story telling
narrative natural natives known for folk art singing
particularly prone to roam these parts for smarts in articles

Recording life in a journal
It feels much better being sober
clear answers and when unclear still feeling closure
Find me trying my best
Rhyme smiling with a head held high along with my chest
Yes, everyday gets better when it feels less like a mess

Regularity is typical
Routine is a beautifully obscene ritual
Consisting of consistency, the new Reality
rhythmical in how its predictable


Instruments of function
She is a part of every chapter
a few times a year sent a letter

routines, habits
“a few of my favorite things”
Since leaving the ineffective
things are never the same except change.
process improvements sharpen
instead of escaping, let’s break in!

F*ck Rhymes
been doing a pattern for too long
thinking about thinking
can emotions be pushed aside?

Breathing is difficult
don’t need doctors for answers
Cigarettes no longer look cool
Marijuana only brings hazy memories of laziness
Now needing harder drugs like love and meditation
and breath
and to breathe

The Palace of Rhymes
is just a Palace

these corridors of broken stanzas
these unused lusting opinions falling as Empire

I miss the poets
they fueled the awkward
pushed air in the halls where space wasn’t seen
Time will bring them back
especially when lonely
Poets need lonely

Training routines

Training routines
Used my brain in one these things
Changed sustain in small exchanges of a range
Systemically arranged
the process to regress in pain

Mainframes with bits of constant traffic
have many lanes of maps that can’t be graphed quick
Stash a good dash of wit in how you commit
Some of it sticks, some of it only fits when you don’t give a shit
Of the effort
Of the effective trekking, through fortitude of a subject
truth calls to you when you least suspect
Check the cards you got in your deck
There are not too many hands
understand how to be man
over plan your span
delete spam
make jam
for your fam

and when there is time, spend some in reflection
in the last 100 years we have been spurred into action
maybe there is history for learning that bears not repeating
soft quietness and a light for reading, a sure evening

-John Tabrizi