2 Feb

take quite a while
it is quiet
even when loud

losing ground
defensively sound
wait to be found
or just be

takes quite a bit
not to quit

a mindful heap
offensively cheap
search to seek
nor just I

Waking to a page

24 Jan

Close your eyes was the first line
opening on a light shine
Exposed to the walls and shadows of the mind
put on boots that never need a shine
huts and barrios
habitats where you wear your hat with the right sign
Live music capital, freestyle battle for the cattle’s grind
Timed exceptionally well to a tune of a poem or a spell
All in all y’all might find it befallen to tell this pattern of it’s origin
An art given a spark camping at a park
the beat repeats the break in many parts
starting smart in taking poetry to the heart

friends chime in, guitar blues background setting
home cooked plates of food with a similar attitude
betting on friendship determining longitude & latitude socially
individuality in a personality of courageous vitality
Futuristic mindset of political economics specs

The riddle follows a rhythm that retracts and injects
expands and examines a trek to inspect metrics
Supplies man always demands it be artificially planned
Disband a professors lecture at the lectern
Manning the material showing externalities  as a visual
Check the published material in chapters
Glen Greenwalt and Laura Poitras are real reporters
and Ed Snowden is our realest rapper
Held in international limbo, Julian Assange looking out his window

It’s a big show that everyone now knows can be measured like tempo
Weridos like me find poetry when were alone looking at methodology
starting to engineer greater value consistently
if you would allow me to tell you it’s the same story repeating


23 Jan

A hiatus of the highest quality
drinking hibiscus tea, writing poetry
Hi babe, I love you silly
When we get to walk around the city
my heart turns giddy
your also smart and pretty
and pretty smart when it comes to designing

A chick whose got good tips and tits
Lips and hips
that could make a fool drool and drip
Can’t wait to take a trip
around green trees and the country
Remember Louisiana fishing?
or the first art show of your paintings?

An introduction to new eyes and faces
now my vision is better than it has been for ages

Colorado is calling our names
I can help keep you calm on the plane
while you do the same to me
only when we are at the dispensary

Live life lovely

shine bright

11 Nov

Shine brighter than the sun, louder than a gun
soak up life like a sponge,
he spoke jargon that was bottled by the bar in mason jars
joke and laugh but never forget where it’s stashed
wut >_< is enough before you have to ask
Do you always wear a mask?
“No, only before and after class”
Rascal minds had radically practical goals
pragmatically defined, stole the designs to practically a gold mine
tasked with monitoring the holdings
“just sign on the dotted line”
Everyday he freestyles his mind in cipher rings

and when there is time
some could be written, grow wings
some things cannot be forgotten
He played guitar strings with caution
fought hard to spar in the yard
with dedication comes a passion that leaves scars
Real education makes you stand on guard
No report cards or day dreaming with stars
Just knowledge and skills and techniques and will

Shine bright across the fields
learning how to engineer greater yield
the day and year that fate was sealed
wielding such powerful options so constant
often leaves a noxious conscience from not stopping
the assumption that this is a problem
is an obnoxious concoction that is optional

Tonight writing new instrumentals
that shine brighter than potential
more melody than rhythm but still sequential
building a palace from the zero level
out of rhymes made of wood and metal
Shine bright as the times when you wouldn’t settle

Having no breath

3 Nov

Getting ready for the evening
choking and wheezing
unable to go to bed
unable to slip into subconscious
due to this constricting grip he can’t shed

Thoughts of suffocation
no doctor and no medication
unlike last time, drove to the hospital
almost passed out on his bicycle
Thank God for Albuterol
Vital to asthmatic individuals

It’s time to change our old rituals
In Persian it is ‘Nafas’
Turkish it is ‘Nefes’
In Sufism it is ‘Freedom’
the self soul breathed into a body

Looking at life’s entirety half blind
always made different things shine
but w/out oxygen the brain can’t maintain or assign
longevity has its place
but I’ve been to the mountain top and climbed
just to find my breath escaped

Another way

2 Nov

The day I found another way
was with my fam-i-lay

Saw God on their face
you don’t need to look far to find a heavenly place
even among hate and disgrace

Making new attitudes to taste
Who knew the blue sky
was the brother to the sea
Never die, resurrect every morning
Hard work takes discipline and learning

Ready more than ever,
send off the letters
For our clients
Forget the competitors
Measuring for compliance
it’s harder being the editor and I’m pretty sure less of a pleasure, write through lines

change structure
the designs need to be layered in precise order
Of course he was merely a porter

the day I found another way
started drinking more water
and listening to the words of my father
teaching my sisters and brothers

Clean clothes creased with a crisp
Sharper wit that’s fit to commit
Meaning to make it with our tool kits
the really legit, even got the permit
to transmit real hip hop in lyrics
spit the nitty gritty little bits
The itty bitty pieces are part of a larger entity
It’s entirety is constantly changing identity

My theory is grow with the times responsibly
and with positivity
you matter to a lot of people in your life
but we don’t notice and speak of it regularly
reach out to another one in another way
to focus reality

How everything starts

28 Oct

Shine brighter than the sun
Louder than a gun
Soaking up life like a sponge
Make 1 and break it in half
lunge for the pieces that make you laugh
Sit back and ask how are the parts fit to last

The early bird gets the worm
Even the sun couldn’t catch him with its burn
every morning he starts to learn
prefers the time when everyone is sleeping
The trick is to constantly be leaving & arriving
a state of statelessness in an abyss you can’t miss

he stopped finding things to wish for
of course it comes from an inner core
for study he always did 4 more to be ready
for practice catch him in the lobby for breakfast
my rhymes are real life experience
designed by a mind who likes to steal happiness
if serious no one’s going to give it to you
if curious take it when you please
it’s something that can fit in the sleeve of your grief

reprieve the standard preconceived naive impression
that God’s decree fell somewhere around Tel Aviv and Jerusalem
Tell em’ Bij,
I give unchallenged minds a different way to perceive and believe
lyrical accession and cessation of bad presentation
the orchestration will take much concentration
but it’s the only way we will achieve self actualization




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