2 years of Web poetry posting- Cutlet tasting

12 Jan

2 years of Web poetry posting

Happy Anniversary
this verse is for the poetry factory’s beginning
again, through two whole seasons of soul
maybe in ‘let loose your nana’ Louisiana Creol
but probably next door in Texas ‘don’t mess with us’
Methods of home made recipes seem effortlessly easy
Cooking Cutlet and Kukoo with John Tabrizi’s family

Culet 2 Cutlet 1

Moved from San Marcos back to Austin in Williamson
less than a mile away from Travis and bad habits
I keep quitting cigarettes and forget about it,
Could be that one different year, but I doubt it
changed my wardrobe, irons keep the crease in my clothes
down icy roads on bicycles were my routes cruised quick
where in all of this do you feel at home
at the door of the beloved, on the the floor of the beloved
to be knocking for 1000 years
only to find oneself knocking on a different side than it appears
We cheers our beer and wine
with over 200 poems of rhymes
my mind travels with this time as witness to unwindings
2014’s first publishing

The river was always thundering at it’s waterfall
Can it you hear it calling? come in for some swimming
Splish splash in a fast dip before class
even stopped to pick up trash to keep the scenery in class
Class friction, all news are based on classical editions
the foundation has never been forgiven, or forgotten
Received through hard working action
imagine if we just used a bigger fraction
against a war machine’s faction
and cut PAC’s control of capital
imagine if waste was illegal
if people of different colors were treated as equal
the internet may be evil if privacy becomes unreasonable

Bring all the willing and able capable of moving cables to the table
another year of publishing fables and story time riddles
maybe learn a little piano and fiddle
to record for a few more syllable tongue tickles
the instrumental pours, flows and trickles
turning the water turbine, like photosynthesis in a wine
living on needs means energy is blessed and divine principle

This is what happens when Full

6 Jan


Chased her through RECYCLED READS
It was a circle as she is
White magic-reading,speaking,singing,listening
Everyone beaming brighter after with laughter
Went on to KICK BUTT
where SPOKEN&HEARD allows new and strange to be born again
Sunday always has a Benign Blessedness
and every song was New
Then back to Cool Chill Night Dreams
Dreamland is my fave venue-an open mike
for mind and heart,liver and kidneys to combine
following after midnight(poet’s time!
Now she is outside my window one more time
I am dazzled,wilde,moon blind!
Wed 7=HARRIETS WRITING GROUP @strange brew 1-3pm-Hosted by Robin Barratt
6.30-8pm.Hosted by DONNA BOWLING
also BOOK WOMAN 7-9 @5501 North Lamar
Fri9-Green man @6.30 Hosted by LINA&ZOW
Thom MC Woodruff stuff^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Turn off the head lights the moon’s just that F-ing bright tonight!


“Better to go blind because it’s better than wine”

for the men who stare at the moon

to come into a venue to play a tune

a captured audience, in a trance
blooming from blues blessed by the best
ATx poetry texts, where the journal has a vest
yet the journey through a mess can be a stress
we compartmentalize and compress in to segments of sizes
Pictures for the memories in evidence of aliveness

When the night is brightest we tend to look the farthest
Next Expressions lets remember and celebrate the lives of our losses
-John Tabrizi


27 Nov


After writing an apology to the family of Mike Brown in the form of poetry

I detest Eulogies
I’d rather write for Weddings, Birthday, and other Celebratory days
tomorrow is Thanksgiving day
Ferguson is ablaze
Protesters gather in a labyrinth of a maze
Kids stop up major bridges
School walk outs in congressional districts
re-election lobbyists funding military equipment
Street Movements
CoAst to CoAst
Black life must be protected
otherwise the Captain gets blood on his jacket coat
Misery does not hope that this is a joke
but true Misery knows it is a joke that there can be hope

When to the common individual
the judicial systemic rope is hardly loosened
since it’s last had it’s tightening
and even the attorney general Eric Holder
is prematurely retiring and leaving instead of fighting
defense secretary Hagel  leaves for a Bagel snack and doesn’t come back
reminds me when Alberto Gonzales who couldn’t recollect jack
The charades of executive power
is more entertaining than soap opera
but it also causes global ripples of drama
but still we journey onward, farther

Work Free Weekends

22 Nov

Used to work every weekend
Now every weekend is off and there is more time to pretend
lofty goals of hoity-toity writing and reading
Holding aim on a microsoft OS connected to a mainframe, transmitting

Technology can be a great equalizer for the wiser or richer
or for those just more hungry and creative
he put down the light saber for a pen
left the flak jacket for a rhyming junkie habit or targeting poems
shooting up the alphabet and syntax like three pointers in gym class

A first career where it feels queer to be treated as first class
Never saw my old boss, but if I did he had a mask
My new boss says my name is Matt and just ask
In my new job my mind is used frequently and fast
A database race to master scripts and queries quickly on a task

The customer service no longer makes me nervous
as previously I spoke regionally with half the country
Internet issue blues with the “what should we do”? dues
glued patience to memory for the old granny nannies
up until she gets her granny panties in a twist
and tells me “well eat my grits”
Once spoke with a vigilante who was handy in start up philosophy
he told me to git & leave soon if not immediately
that there are communities that need your wit. expertise and understanding

Used to work every weekend
Since I can remember from way back when
mostly, usually, to pay for school tuition
worked the graveyard so hard sweat would drip
as I pass your food to your car for your trip
Bon voyage

More dedication

19 Nov

More dedication and higher conviction
not arrogant but also not superstitious when it comes to predictions

Earlier mornings and nights
less smoke breaks and still with time to conversate
Writing early and late
to come close and yet get so far to escape
using feet as a vehicle/car
my teeth and lips are the tenor of the trip

Energy exits a notice
a self controlling focus
existing hocus pocus sold to get hopeful
when hopeless is the only outlet that’s copeable
ideologically paralyzed with lies seemingly unmovable
built by foundations of principles

The values allow you to view hues and true colors

Now character is built by courage
the kind that still speaks up even if not encouraged
with the purpose of nurturing to flourish
the voyages are usually just a skirmish
more dedication, like the Amish, who works harder?
more dedication like my hygienist Barbara

making pie

16 Nov

Phew, writing a book takes it out of you
Inspiration brings it back on track
I dim the lights before delivering back
Not pitch black,  since a little shine from a small crack
can open enough to feel comfortable through tough times of feeling unable

Dipping fingers into Dvorak typeface cables
faster more efficient and as mentioned ^_more comfortable _^
its about finding that sweet spot

Creating the taste of a flavorful pot
Herbs and spices
Offers of Niceness
Baked and broiled after buttered and breaded
deep fried
the Texas Pecan Pie
Pronounced like a toucan who was told he can fly
the best recipes need a timed eye

Exercising the body, mind and soul combined together whole
the greatest story to be told
not looking ahead means it doesn’t come to the head
shocked by surprise from being lead. Leading
in front of where the lines resides and is receding
Rhymed reason and readiness as a full time stress
The ride is a blessing we obsess over testing
The mess is testament to our consistent correcting

Vanilla extract, baking soda, powder
the extras we use mix into the flour
Sugar sweet as lips
bitter sweet chocolate and butter in a bucket
smoothed with eggs in a batter whipped
where the platter form is originally mixed
the platform of a mason who knows his bricks
each supper might have different tricks
of lavish lyrics like compliments of crisp lettuce
Let us never forget it

Embedded in the thread is unleaded
unrefined still after editing from a school
Energy exiting like a stool, where we sit when feeling a fool
A fowl and an owl prowled the night like ghouls
among the scent of a pie in the air
that would make a cool eye drool and stare

Software industry

13 Nov

Operating two dozen database clusters with no fear
each cluster at 180,00$ a year
with less than 4 mins of downtime a month
Every 15 mins real time
the different locations copy each other
Replication is the protection buffer
heavy gadgets, gizmos and infrastructure
Hosted by a cloud where only certain things are aloud
The architecture sure made us proud
giving small FI’s an RFA on their OLB

Supporting the training, managing, and implementations
Small queries that can cause mass disruption
Bridges crossed, adapters adjusted across
All systems are monitored for their cost
Project planning a client who is the boss
Proactive consulting
Sales executing on the finance and accounting
Departments of the bounty

A gift of a commodity not constricted typically as manufacturing
constant re-editing, updating, merging and packaging
still custom built with skill of the making
Development is more than just code writing
Apparently its only 30 to 50 % of the fighting


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