Poetry Hide and Seek

19 Oct

When it is written it can be forgotten and found later
We recited from within for hours
like drinking in gin soaking from the sound’s power
a blank paper
Mighty canvas, blank gaps of space
He used a loose leaf early on when bored
eventually graduated to a keyboard
where his journals have memories to record
reminders of her graceful poetry, lord!

One of those days, the maze was a craze
waves of rendition over repetitive repetition
Rays of light through branches of commercialized organizations
blinded half the competition
and philosophy class was taking new admissions
Kierkegaard and Hegelianism
Zizek’s best jokes of the eastern European
The Sirens of Titans
an appetite of exciting proportions
say, a Breakfast for champions
Look at the Birdie and read its tracks
While Mortals Sleep the Gods can relax

We used to put poetry in books for when someone else unexpectedly will look
Back packs stacked with facts and snacks
Comics, Zines, and minds of great kinds catalog syntax
zip, zoom, bap, rat-a-tat. Boom
found em behind the pi9no
those old notes and flows from long ago
can grow like mushrooms to make you take a trip in your own room
mistake a game for the life coming soon tomorrow

Take the name as a fighting struggle to come back full circle
Hide and Seek in a bubble

Sky blues

13 Oct

undecided sky

An undecided sky
is beautiful and that cannot be denied
while I casually wait for, the heavy downpour to reside

Traveling by feet and buses across countryside
can get your jimmies ruffled quicker than an average scuffle
rushes of fading colors are like old paint brushes

whole in the sky

eyes in the sky taste a rich texture of robustness
rooted in the ruins of ritualistic habits
blinded by the light, deafened to the static

catch in my neighborhood
Remember when we went to a park through that forest before dark?
this was the first picture I took that gave me a spark
a bigger high than any cigarette or joint, greater depth and still precise as a point leaving a mark

The greater heart of San Marcos
has left a whole in my soul from a cities mold
Hit me up tomorrow by the river banks

We will flow wavelengths from what we drank
the intoxicating summer stank of Fall’s sweaty wet skies
the undecided eventually decide

Certain to see

12 Oct


The same Fall Season,
visually leaving changing colors dropping/dripping
loose leaf writing
our memories in the recent year of arriving
Calling in the hallways and alleys that the change is happening
now, that we have been allowed
to be seen in the scenery of the tribal pride
proud enough to just be alive
motion in a vibe, the source
where our force can be maximized
Cataloging by labels may take some time
At stake, is steak & onions with wine
with rhymes the mind can climb plateaus
I’ve seen those that bring applause and toasts
seen those bring tears to a face,
from feeling the same pains and joys
displaced woes of aggression
like blows of hits in economic oppression
not shown by statistics
externalities is their term for heuristics
this is brainstorming mathematics in lyrics
where the underground is found
one can hear the sounds of the previous spirits
the drums and guitar picks stick together in patterns
in a delirious matter to curiously light a lantern
impervious for us to rather not bust but envelope
take some pictures of letters that together make a joke
that much less than certainty is certainly a hope.

Labor Day

1 Sep

Sorry to have been gone for so long
Life has changed in setting like a genre to songs playing
My heart is still in San Marcos
but my mind is starting to adjust to Austin

Back home<
Persian food, language, and carpets
using a bike so my car doesn’t need a fix
the trick is to mix the lyrics with drum sticks
the thumping hum loud as a gun ricochet
the way is a place to say grace as a dojo
home has a Hp350 Roland piano

Still working the internet company’s phones
Eager efforts to fall from the summer throne
mentoring new agents remembering my own

September the 1st Labor day I have always said and will say
is my favorite holiday
the celebration of the hardworking
international network of our net worth
the occasion we rose to exert the effort
Close the schools, govt offices, and banks
while the services industry is not in these ranks
Having worked for years with no thanks
yet we remain in gratitude to live another day without being rude
true we strive to improve thanks in due to income we accrue
without a steady stream many cling to hardships of poverty blues
who knew what a few words could do?

Organized labor powerful as organized religion
or just another day that we are working?
…. to be continued
if anything else is certain

Birds the word

18 Jun

River spelled backwards is revir
(like revere your river)
water in what nurtures
the sure pure fervor of scandalous shimmers reflected in summers
natural systems don’t count by the numbers
style of the wildest flowers

the birds whip as they swoosh
landing on branch lines
loose handling in mid stride
Glide flying guides who prefer the outside
making a tortured cat cry
nest building from twigs and twine
some fought back when the hawk attacked
some come even more tightly packed, together
a mirage the size of clouds in bad weather
creatures like this
swim in bird baths of leisure pure as happiness
don’t even mind them chirping
The Palace of Rhymes is learning when they rest
the birds musicianship

We imitate their calls, observe with bernoculers
the guardians of the yard

Ending points

12 Jun

The last day off  before work
the last cigarette smashed in the dirt
the end of pain and hurt
the finishing line of thresholds staying alert
the end of a meal with dessert
longer goodbyes and more time to flirt

the ending points start new beginnings
clear the grass and weeds so the ground can be breathing
planting love time bombs that will be older than your mom
so her grand children can lay on the lawn
under these plants are relics of civilizations and different organisms
The turmoil of a slick oily situation
Wars fought for erecting a flag on another’s nation
droughts to famine to civil wars to displacement
the poor cannot afford their mass incarceration

When we finished starting our own radio station
The last night of our cyphers appearance
the last emcee to make it the clearest
the mask of efficiency in a Capitalist’s fist
the path to enlightenment has no known conclusion existing
confusion at it’s turns is what makes it interesting

The ending points start new beginnings
Graduating probation, a university’s education, and an indoctrination
into emancipatory thought provoking discussions
the next chapter is writing the reading’s interpretation
Fighting for more articulation of non-freedoms
to question

The Q and A did not stay for very long
as the orator took time giving his points before he was gone

poetry freestyle 23

12 Jun

Discerning what he learned from what was internalized
written down sounds of codified expression solidified in truth that doesn’t hide

Why try for music without the beat?
the Mystic poet points instead of to the sky, to his feet
galaxies of dirt to mud to concrete
to rhythms to words
to curbs that don’t sleep until everything is heard
the birds recklessly fly hazardously in close public eye
while cool cats casually cry until their day is not denied
ready leap
spaghetti and beef
the dinner of family was more important than what he eats
growth of the enormous growing importance
an ending of bitter hindrances that have been taught to kids
the lid is opened, information has spoken
granting freedom a token for two cents
ever since we saw benevolence in the presence of defeated negligence
whence the sum of inclination took over more spots & locations
the pots stay hot when we are cooking in the kitchen
send the lasting lyrics of light to the sun set in its plight
been missing for a quarter moon’s turn in rotation
tomorrow is fasting in divine revelation.

Writers searched the poets’ handbook for suggestions
brevity ain’t easy
protection isn’t a possibility with intellectual theft, treason and bigotry
who are the Idols and are they worth following?
spectacles aren’t always exciting/frightening/or educating
usually, their mostly advertising for the commodity pushing

The Palace of Rhymes by John Tabrizi
says stop branding ;)
Irony is fitting if you have the lungs to laugh
growing a crony capitalist’s mustache in a flash
the Ode to our times of past
Go Flow and crash like river water to a stone’s splash
rowing a boat with no mast no task or direction
away from home but always in memories of recollection
so though thought was caught on the tongues of voice
we know we might not show our true intentions of choice
the in-betweens from rows and columns can be seen
the hoisted beams of dreams rejoicing


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