Work that is being done, Tracking Progress

2 Jul

The trick is there is always changing metrics,
Lacking the vision to see past automation’s tendencies
substitute substance of industry into the immaterial clouds
Your allowed only to be so loud so to speak
so reversals of sanctioning money shot politics should be a possibility
Last presidential election cost 2-3 billion, the next should be 10
Focus is on the candidate and not the potential legislation
Voices of the voiceless captured on cell phones cameras
Black Lives Matter written on the banners
Taking down confederate flags at the capital, setting new standards
more questions than answers playing on the pull of momentum

send some letters to our brother and sisters underground
pick a prison there’s one in most towns,
Living every day as drug rehabilitation to stay sober
communities read each other’s stories to see what works
Poetry graffiti in the spirit of William Upski
Making a DAW with MIDI sound like an MPC

slowing learning that physical anger is really just impotency
wisdom is disgusting and can be sold accordingly
rigorous training in unity to bring more of the moral duties
like Moral Monday protests in North Carolina
with Reverend William Barber
in memory of Senator Celmenta Pickney
we will change Calhoun street into his name
moving on to other thangs as the chicken come home to roost their wangs
building bigger bridges in our relationships but we still need the bridges in our transit
before I make my exit I’d likely to explicitly state the obvious
there is much work to do but we are tracking progress
of work that is being done

Work to do

27 Apr

Featured image

The largest civil rights protest go unnoticed in my country,

in 200 different cities where minimum wage at fast food companies isn’t enough

Protests  grow from more Black’s getting killed by cops
We are killing the earth and activists are getting shot

Like Sabeen Mahmud in Pakistan speaking upon activists that are gone

Some of the headlines, most don’t get attention or the time

Even I sometimes don’t find the inclination to reiterate frustration.

Our politics is a ticking time bomb waiting
for billionaires to tell us where we are going.

I an not scared and neither should you, the’re gonna do what they do, were gonna do whut we du
income inequality is the greatest blues story, unfortunately becoming more of a reality
There is no where that pays to write poetry for a salary<
there is no place like a playground where sounds can’t fit a category
we have all of the tools for a social movement for the improvement of authority
I tell my parents when I think they are being unfair as a responsibility
Cops, corrupt judges and attorneys are no longer part of some communities
having abused the people and when of another color even more unequal

the evil sequel of punishment if having the subject admit pleasure in retrospect
an ideological effect
Apply this terrible but effective principle on the pull
that which brings you closer organized with the people
is the rhythm we see still as lethal to our opponents agenda and portfolio

There was this college called Corinthian in 28 campuses with bad practices
got sued by the government, pushed by activists, for 30 million for misrepresenting job placement rates.
Even though this is not great, they closed all of the campuses and said goodbye to 16,000 students on this date
We got a lot of work to do and since we are not Corporations we cannot escape our problems

-John Tabrizi

Listen to this here:

Its been a while

26 Apr

It has been a while since I shared a freestyle,
Sorry for the gap, I have since since moved into a studio dojo

wrapping ideology into a package that lets the average dial in
has been a project in creation
inject my own inspections of worthy reiterations
rectify, audit, and explain is the world of the analyst
most of my days are now spent in databases learning new tricks
hosted by friends who are truly generous burning c02 quick
he was close enough to see the dirty stuff of oil slicks bubble up

I want this to be regular, but a changing medium seems more of a feature
to the grasp of a raspy tone crisply taking down the throne of Mongul preachers
total character, filmed and narrated by the performer, entertainers are also educators
giving thanks for being able to see the wavelengths and change links
playing piano as slow as you blink, throw down a flow and I give you a wink

walked into a smoke shop joking and reminiscing on a decade ago
when a Wu tang joint hit the stereo and the moon shined a light of a glow
in any chop shop of hip hop cats rocking instrumentals and rhymes find the fight of what we know
it was certain lingo, first drafts were my favorite way to go, like opening a curtain to a show

Went to a festival and saw everyone that I know for many years in happiness and in good cheer
it feels like a good year>

I am going to write some of it down right here.

2 years of Web poetry posting- Cutlet tasting

12 Jan

2 years of Web poetry posting

Happy Anniversary
this verse is for the poetry factory’s beginning
again, through two whole seasons of soul
maybe in ‘let loose your nana’ Louisiana Creol
but probably next door in Texas ‘don’t mess with us’
Methods of home made recipes seem effortlessly easy
Cooking Cutlet and Kukoo with John Tabrizi’s family

Culet 2 Cutlet 1

Moved from San Marcos back to Austin in Williamson
less than a mile away from Travis and bad habits
I keep quitting cigarettes and forget about it,
Could be that one different year, but I doubt it
changed my wardrobe, irons keep the crease in my clothes
down icy roads on bicycles were my routes cruised quick
where in all of this do you feel at home
at the door of the beloved, on the the floor of the beloved
to be knocking for 1000 years
only to find oneself knocking on a different side than it appears
We cheers our beer and wine
with over 200 poems of rhymes
my mind travels with this time as witness to unwindings
2014’s first publishing

The river was always thundering at it’s waterfall
Can it you hear it calling? come in for some swimming
Splish splash in a fast dip before class
even stopped to pick up trash to keep the scenery in class
Class friction, all news are based on classical editions
the foundation has never been forgiven, or forgotten
Received through hard working action
imagine if we just used a bigger fraction
against a war machine’s faction
and cut PAC’s control of capital
imagine if waste was illegal
if people of different colors were treated as equal
the internet may be evil if privacy becomes unreasonable

Bring all the willing and able capable of moving cables to the table
another year of publishing fables and story time riddles
maybe learn a little piano and fiddle
to record for a few more syllable tongue tickles
the instrumental pours, flows and trickles
turning the water turbine, like photosynthesis in a wine
living on needs means energy is blessed and divine principle

This is what happens when Full

6 Jan


Chased her through RECYCLED READS
It was a circle as she is
White magic-reading,speaking,singing,listening
Everyone beaming brighter after with laughter
Went on to KICK BUTT
where SPOKEN&HEARD allows new and strange to be born again
Sunday always has a Benign Blessedness
and every song was New
Then back to Cool Chill Night Dreams
Dreamland is my fave venue-an open mike
for mind and heart,liver and kidneys to combine
following after midnight(poet’s time!
Now she is outside my window one more time
I am dazzled,wilde,moon blind!
Wed 7=HARRIETS WRITING GROUP @strange brew 1-3pm-Hosted by Robin Barratt
6.30-8pm.Hosted by DONNA BOWLING
also BOOK WOMAN 7-9 @5501 North Lamar
Fri9-Green man @6.30 Hosted by LINA&ZOW
Thom MC Woodruff stuff^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Turn off the head lights the moon’s just that F-ing bright tonight!


“Better to go blind because it’s better than wine”

for the men who stare at the moon

to come into a venue to play a tune

a captured audience, in a trance
blooming from blues blessed by the best
ATx poetry texts, where the journal has a vest
yet the journey through a mess can be a stress
we compartmentalize and compress in to segments of sizes
Pictures for the memories in evidence of aliveness

When the night is brightest we tend to look the farthest
Next Expressions lets remember and celebrate the lives of our losses
-John Tabrizi


27 Nov


After writing an apology to the family of Mike Brown in the form of poetry

I detest Eulogies
I’d rather write for Weddings, Birthday, and other Celebratory days
tomorrow is Thanksgiving day
Ferguson is ablaze
Protesters gather in a labyrinth of a maze
Kids stop up major bridges
School walk outs in congressional districts
re-election lobbyists funding military equipment
Street Movements
CoAst to CoAst
Black life must be protected
otherwise the Captain gets blood on his jacket coat
Misery does not hope that this is a joke
but true Misery knows it is a joke that there can be hope

When to the common individual
the judicial systemic rope is hardly loosened
since it’s last had it’s tightening
and even the attorney general Eric Holder
is prematurely retiring and leaving instead of fighting
defense secretary Hagel  leaves for a Bagel snack and doesn’t come back
reminds me when Alberto Gonzales who couldn’t recollect jack
The charades of executive power
is more entertaining than soap opera
but it also causes global ripples of drama
but still we journey onward, farther

Work Free Weekends

22 Nov

Used to work every weekend
Now every weekend is off and there is more time to pretend
lofty goals of hoity-toity writing and reading
Holding aim on a microsoft OS connected to a mainframe, transmitting

Technology can be a great equalizer for the wiser or richer
or for those just more hungry and creative
he put down the light saber for a pen
left the flak jacket for a rhyming junkie habit or targeting poems
shooting up the alphabet and syntax like three pointers in gym class

A first career where it feels queer to be treated as first class
Never saw my old boss, but if I did he had a mask
My new boss says my name is Matt and just ask
In my new job my mind is used frequently and fast
A database race to master scripts and queries quickly on a task

The customer service no longer makes me nervous
as previously I spoke regionally with half the country
Internet issue blues with the “what should we do”? dues
glued patience to memory for the old granny nannies
up until she gets her granny panties in a twist
and tells me “well eat my grits”
Once spoke with a vigilante who was handy in start up philosophy
he told me to git & leave soon if not immediately
that there are communities that need your wit. expertise and understanding

Used to work every weekend
Since I can remember from way back when
mostly, usually, to pay for school tuition
worked the graveyard so hard sweat would drip
as I pass your food to your car for your trip
Bon voyage


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